About Us

Get a warrior attire for your own collection of personalized clothes and be a real hero. We know you are longing to keep your hands on that perfect T-shirt with the most realistic representation of your ideal character. We also know how tired you are searching for the design in your mind. Maybe the background color of the T-shirt isn’t matching the color of spiderman’s mask’. Or ‘the punchline writing should have been in a more attractive scripting style’. Also, ‘the designs are too good but i need a full sleeve’.

Approach us to stop nagging and get into action

Three easy steps and your dream T-shirt will be at your doorstep: Visit our online website and register with your contact number or email id. Our designer representative will contact you to sketch out your mind and to arrange a meeting for getting your measurement. Don’t worry, if you live too far, we have an alternative. Send us a reply email with your measurements. Go through our designing gallery to select your choice of necklines, sleeves, colors and colour combinations and finally your desired warrior mark. You will be mailed an image of your creation, sieved by us in one week. If you say yes, make an online payment. If no, go for either altering or alternatives (we bet, you won’t go that far).

Need prior information about our charges?? How much do you give your local tailor and how much do you pay for the parcel service? We assure you that won’t be much different. You can select the making fabric, style and length of the shirt and the size and location of the character imprint. Even 3-D imprints are possible to give you a new look. We use waterproof and non-toxic dyes to completely justify the imprint reproduction and you cannot complain about the quality too.