The Superhero Market For Kids Is Vibrant And Impactful

What was your kid’s answer when you asked him who is his favorite character? Be it real life or animated, there is every possibility that you will be on for an expected disappointment of some other person’s name and not yours. And quite obviously, that some other person will be a superhero. For many kids, it will be Superman or Spiderman or Batman and for several others, it will be Captain Planet, Avengers or the fancy ones like Japanese warrior cartoons. The impact of these paladin shows is limited to getting addicted to such shows and movies, but much beyond that.

You can catch every glimpse of this impact in real life if you make a casual visit to the nearest kids store or to the kid’s section of a supermarket or even an online store (if you have never been before or never shopped for a kid).  Starting from stationary items such as bags, books, pens, pencil boxes etc to lunch boxes, water bottles, toys, dress items, and accessories, market is flooded with kids’ products carrying any feature of these super defenders. The feature may be a print, picture, punchline or emblem.

“I got my new spiderman pen”. “Hey, check out my notebook from the Superman series”. “Can I borrow your captain planet eraser?”

These classroom questions and conversations will be quite common in the schools and tuition centers. You may be in for a surprise when your lazy child obediently sits to complete his homework when you recently gave him any superhero item. Another regular change will be your careless one arranging his pen, pencils etc., into neat spaces inside his new ‘X Men’ pencil box.

Information spreads like livewire among kids in schools and the topic will most probably be a new game, new film and our super saviors again. Every day, your child will have a new story to tell, and of course, that will be who has got who and what

Shortly after, you will find yourself dragged by the little, yet the most powerful hands and mouth to the market until you get him or her the ‘matching item’ to keep up his or her tiny self-respect. Studying is the least interesting activity for any child. If study time is coupled with his favorite superhero star, he gets an instant energy booster to use his study tools and complete his studies in the excitement.

Imitating the action heroes

Have you ever tried to buy a toy of your child’s choice? I haven’t yet started to show my kid any of these shows. He currently identifies all Pokémon and Doremon as cats, so I get him toy cats. The case will be different for the parents who have one or more die-hard superhero fans in their home.

My superhero shows me the time : When are you going to buy your son his Benton watch? Whose cap does he wear: Spiderman or Batman? Oh, yes! He is sporting the new avenger's shoes. These statements are more than enough to signify the influence of these characters on accessories.

I have superman's shirt

While the study items, toys etc., display the warrior mark at times on occasions, attires and accessories make the biggest impression. That may be the reason behind the pride associated with buying a superhero T-shirt. If you take your kid to select his dress, he may be magnetically attracted to the ones with a super warrior print. Even you may feel a sense of satisfaction when you see him proudly displaying his new superhero dress and shouting, I Am Superhero.

This craze for paladin dresses is not among the kids alone. You can get the proof is seconds. Take a tour of online stores selling gents shirts. You may even find a search criterion for these shirts. The market has expanded exponentially for the teenagers and youth also. There may be comparatively fewer takers for these dresses for girls, particularly once they attain the teenage. We do not see too many 'wonderwomans' in the crowd! Instead, there may be more of barbies, Powerpuff girls, and female quotes. To the contrary, boys irrespective of age, make no stones unturned to own a unique collection of their favorite character products, mainly T-shirts.